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Laguna Resorts & Hotels Sets Up in Response to COVID-19 Challenges

Laguna Resorts & Hotels Sets Up in Response to COVID-19 Challenges

Phuket, 28 May 2020 – Laguna Resorts & Hotels (LRH), Asia’s first integrated destination resort developer, has created a unique flexible employment platform – which will be established in the coming weeks as the industry recovers – to help retrenched hospitality workers in its communities. will be a mobile app platform to match hospitality industry employers and those seeking temporary employment opportunities. As a social enterprise, it will provide the service free of charge, to both employers and job-seekers.

Ravi Chandran, managing director of LRH, which is listed on the Thai stock exchange, said: “The market for temporary workers is very rudimentary in Asia, but with high seasonality coupled with cash-preserving employers who have had to retrench many workers, the demand for “temps” will grow very fast. As a major employer with multiple hotels in the same destination, we have the opportunity to make an impact in “temps” employment. We’ll be doing this as a part of our sustainability and community empowerment initiatives.”

Besides Laguna Phuket, which remains Asia’s largest integrated destination resort since it opened 32 years ago, there are Laguna Bintan in Indonesia and Laguna Lang Co in Vietnam. Each has a golf course, multiple hotels, holiday homes and other amenities. The combined workforce in these three resorts number around 8,000.

“Covid-19 has forced all hospitality players, including ourselves, to shed variable costs rapidly, and retrenchments have become commonplace,” said Mr Chandran. “When business improves, it will still be very patchy, with business recovery uncertain and seasonality exacerbating the problem. To be resilient, employers need flexibility in managing their workforce. Having a well-developed system of seasonal or flexible workers who are incentivised to perform well and upgrade their skills, is part of our mission. will enable employers to grade their flexible workers, give financial incentives, and pathways for skills upgrading will be provided also.”

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Published: May 2020

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