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“Rolls Royce” steaks

@ Plum Prime Steakhouse, Cape Sienna Phuket
Promotion expired
“Rolls Royce” steaks @ Plum Prime Steakhouse, Cape Sienna Phuket
“Another helping please! That’s what guests have been doing with some dishes on our new Plum Prime Steakhouse menu introduced in October. Who can blame them? That Manzetta Prussiana steak from Poland is not a steak—it’s a slice of heaven from Poland! Pasture fed and sugar beets finished, it sports the flavours of a grass fed and the marbling of a grain fed, or try our in house 30 days dry aged Charolais prime rib. And don’t forget the "Fake Salmon sashimi"... smoked salmon with avocado and cream. Chef Francesco Greco set out to create a unique culinary journey with this menu. His success is found in the number of people travelling their way through the menu—and returning for more.

“Fantastico” Francesco.

Our Plum Prime Steakhouse strategy is to offer the “Rolls Royce” of steaks and other meats, not the McDonalds (with all due respect to McDonalds).

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