Sam's Steaks & Grill

Main wing lobby area opposite the bar next to Minimart.

Food type: Steaks & Grills

Sam's Steaks & Grill offer up a tasty serving of beach side sophistication.

0 7637 0200 # 8140

Daily 6pm-midnight

More than 1,200 Baht
More than 1,200 Baht
Best to book a table Car park on site Major credit cards OK No area for smoking Free Wifi hot spot

Sam’s Steaks and Grill is mere yards from the hustle and bustle of Patong’s Beach Road, but a world away in atmosphere and style: an airy, elegant space (it can accommodate up to 46 diners) with a decor featuring dark browns and expanses of glass and chrome. Sink into deep armchairs and listen to the muted sounds of Frank Sinatra and Miles Davis. Shades of Uncle Sam …. After all, Holiday Inns were once part of a celebrated American hotel group. As for the service? A perfect blend of the deferential and welcoming.

The culinary attention to detail was just as impressive, both gastronomically and artistically. The meal began with a sushi style Amuse bouche of shredded raw vegetables and fish, followed by two salads, an avocado and crab specialty, and Sam’s Caesar Salad, featuring a lavish helping of romaine lettuce, bacon, chicken and croutons in a cheesy mayonnaise. The avocado salad was an artistic delight: an island of a half an avocado, surmounted by crab meat and ringed by cress. Pomegranate seeds and tart slices of orange gave the dish a pleasantly acidic tang.

Between courses, we were treated to a sorbet of red berry fruits and a slice of dragon fruit. Then, with palates suitably cleansed, we addressed the main course. Here, the ‘pièce de résistance’ was Sam’s Andaman Beef and Reef, a rhyming title for a dish consisting of a huge pink crayfish, its flesh marinated in a cheesy cream sauce, and complemented by a generous grilled fillet steak. I am not one for mixing seafood and meat, but this delicacy, dramatically flambéed with Pernod at the table-side trolley, was “awesome”.

75 B4

Sam\'s Steaks & Grill
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