+39 Italian Street Food

Near Buffalo Steak House

Food type: Italian

It’s unique! The first Italian street food in Phuket! You are greeted by an Italian smile while sampling these high quality products. The +39 block pizza awaits you!

Tel: 09 2635 8954

Daily 11am-12pm

Less than 400 Baht
Less than 400 Baht
Booking not necessary Parking nearby Major credit cards OK Has smoking area

+39 Italian Street Food is exactly what it says, a fast-food restaurant devoted to authentic, inexpensive Italian dishes. Set in the heart of bustling Kata’s main thoroughfare, it offers a compelling flavour of Italy, with both takeaway service and leisurely dining in an upstairs salon with comfortable banquettes and a view of the street below. The walls are decorated with murals – a Carmen-like Mediterranean beauty – and framed photographs of Florence and Venice. A home-from-home for the Italian chef and the welcoming manager, Virginia.

The main items on the menu are Pizzas, Pastas and Paninis, available with a variety of accompaniments. Thus the three pastas styles – spaghetti, penne and fettuccine – can be allied to classic sauces: Pomodoro (tomato and basil), Carbonara (bacon, egg yolk and pepper), Amatriciana (tomato, bacon) and Puttanesca (tomato, anchovies, olives and capers).

The same pick-and-mix principle applies to the sandwiches (panini). Made either with homemade focaccia or ciabatta bread, six fillings are available, most of which include mozzarella cheese. Vegetariano, different in style, contains mixed grilled vegetables while Mortadella features the genuine Italian cheese. Others are based on salami or ham.

We begin with the Winter salad, one of four on the menu with lots of chicken, cheese, black olives, tomatoes and crisp lettuce. An excellent start to proceedings. It would amiss not to try the popular pizzas. Served in small block portions, we are able to sample two: the Diavolo topped with salami and the Napoli with anchovy. Both are thick crust pizzas with lavish helpings of mozzarella cheese. One can understand why these, along with the classic Margarita and the Special with bacon, potatoes and cheese, are popular take-away choices. We conclude, appropriately, with a Spaghetti Bolognese, a quintessentially Italian dish with a rich meat and tomato sauce. And it’s exactly as it should be.

+39 Italian Street Food offers an unashamedly Italian culinary experience. The main ingredients are all sourced from Italy, even the distinctively tangy tomatoes. Despite this, prices are extremely competitive, with no dish over 260 baht and most substantially cheaper. Pizzas start at 69 baht. There is a range of freshly made juices and kompots. To dine here is to experience authentic Italian food – at once tasty and unpretentious. Up and running for only four months, it occupies a potential niche market. And if the enthusiastic staff is anything to go by, it will succeed.

107 C5

+39 Italian Street Food
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