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Cold Brew Coffee for breakfast

@ Cosmo Restaurant, The Nai Harn
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Cold Brew Coffee for breakfast @ Cosmo Restaurant, The Nai Harn

We want to embrace the concept of Third Wave Coffee which references the current movement within specialty coffee that appreciates coffee as an artisan or craft beverage. Coffee, in all of its processes, from the origin of the harvested bean to the roasting and brewing process, is treated with the same reverence as fine wine and craft beer. This culinary approach to coffee is nothing new to the industry, in fact, it is a re-birth from the days before tin cans and instant coffee hit retail shelves, making coffee a convenient caffeine buzz rather than an enjoyable craft beverage.We have three choices of cold brewed coffee on offer, produced fresh daily from our own cold drip coffee makers and bottled individually. Its complex taste is accentuated through the cold drip process and can be easily differentiated from a traditional hot brew. Cold drip is a healthier choice, too. It is a less acidic brew that is soft on the digestive system. Secondly, as it’s a smooth taste there is less of a need to add other ingredients like milk and sugar to neutralise the acidity.

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