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Explore the underwater world with La Gritta’s marinara promotion

@ La Gritta, Amari Phuket
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Explore the underwater world with La Gritta’s marinara promotion @ La Gritta, Amari Phuket

Feel the cool sea breeze at Patong Bay and experience five new dishes, named the Marinara Promotion, to be released for September 2017. For the whole month, guests will enjoy fresh seafood, including Japanese snow crab, clam, tiger prawn, Maine lobster and Hawaiian snow fish, cooked in different styles by the Italian chef, Patrizia. All five savoury menus consist of:

Cocktail di Granchio Giapponese, priced at 480 THB++
A delight cocktail menu fine presented with soft and sweet Japanese snow crab meat. This cocktail goes well with sweet and sour lemon vodka mayonnaise and with the slightly salty and juicy taste of salmon caviar. Garnished with two healthy vegetables: wild rocket and romaine leaves.

Fregola alle Vongole, priced at 490 THB++
Fregola is the smallest pasta and has its origin in Sardegna, Italy. The small rounded shape offers a tender texture and easy eating. This dish is good when accompanied by clam sauce mixed with white wine and cherry tomatoes, but is even better when finely chopped parsley is added before serving.

Tiger Prawn Ravioli, priced at 590 THB++
This type of ravioli is a tender type of pasta. The filler consists of tiger prawns mixed with Pecorino cheese, garlic and slightly red onions. This dish offers the best taste when served hot with pieces of cherry tomatoes and chopped parsley on top.

Risotto all’ Astice, priced at 750 THB++
This lobster risotto offers a light creamy taste. This dish uses half of a Maine lobster cooked in risotto mixed with white wine and ingredients imported from Italy. Some of the meat is still stuck onto the lobster’s shell, so the guest will enjoy the two different tastes of the lobster. Adding parsley on top offers good aromas.

Hawaiian Snow Fish ai Funghi, priced at 950 THB++
A great combination dish with grilled snow fish imported from Hawaii. The fish is soft on the inside whilst crispy on the outside. The taste of the fish is effectively paired with the slightly salty taste of Pancetta (Italian bacon) wrapped around the fish. This dish is also served with a Porcini mushroom sauce, sweet pumpkin purée, stewed broad beans and grilled cherry tomatoes.

All prices are subject to a 10% service charge and 7% VAT. Terms and conditions apply.

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